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Download [VERIFIED] MySword Bible 14.0 Apk Mod Premium Deluxe

Thanks to the generosity of our Donors and Partners, the FREE Version is possible.Our generous donors have made this exclusive version and the Deluxe Edition available only to them. This app is not for sale. We offer this premium /deluxe version as a complimentary gift to our generous donors.

Download MySword Bible 14.0 Apk Mod Premium Deluxe

MySword 11.1 now also supports non-encrypted ESword, MyBible, The Word and USFM bibles and modules. Just place the modules (zipped or not) in mysword folder in the Internal Storage and restart MySword. The following are supported:

  • New preference Parallel in single column which is useful for smartphones where every translation is in a separate line similar to Compare (but unlike Compare which shows only one verse, the Parallel view shows one Chapter). This was inspired by OGNT-NET that has both NET and OGNT Greek text in the same module. Why not allow users to select what modules to have in a display similar to Compare but for the whole chapter, instead of creating custom Bible modules?

  • Bible Parallel now has a special link to Arrange Bibles for Parallel (Free, Premium and Deluxe), and selectable list of named selections for Jellybean and higher (Deluxe).

  • Arrange Compare, Parallel, Commentaries and Dictionaries now have named selection (Deluxe) similar to Map Locations and Search Selection: Manage (add/remove/save/retrieve) named selection of modules

  • Filter the list

  • Select all/none

  • Multiple language support in TTS for Popups and non-Bible views (Deluxe). The non-Bible module should have a lang attribute for block tags like p, div, h#, li, td or inline span using 2 or 3 letter ISO language code supported by Android/Java Locale. Compare and Parallel popups already injects the language.

  • Editor improvement: insert verse with text will now include lang attribute in case the Bible has a specified language so that the TTS will work better supporting multiple languages.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.3Text-to-speech in some devices crashes due to IllegalArgumentException or NullPointerException.

  • Text-to-speech for Bible Compare scrolling is off by one translation.

  • + sign in the RF tags in Bible (translators' notes) is not displayed in the popup.

  • MySword restarts in Oreo when the WebView is killed by the system to reclaim memory.

  • What's new in Version 9.2Text-to-speech improvements: New Repeat modes: Continuous - goes to the next book.

  • Repeat verse range - repeats a specified number of verses. Deluxe version allows more than one verse.

  • Support for multiple languages (if it's available in the Default TTS Engine) for Bible modules: The language field of the Details table of the Bible file should be properly set though to the 3 letter ISO code of the language (See About module); or

  • Go to the Download modules so that the mysword_modules.xml file in the mysword/download folder will be created and used as a source of the language mapping; or

  • Update the newly created file tts-module-language-map.txt in the mysword/mydata folder to include mapping for unofficial Bible modules.

  • Interlinear support for mixed English and Greek or Hebrew for non-parallel view. Hebrew was not tested as it's not yet available in Google TTS.

  • Support for Parallel Bible view (Premium).

  • Repeat count for repeat page and verse range (Deluxe).

  • Option to show commentary compare link on Commentary view at the right of the heading. On Other look and feel preference, there is Show compare in Commentary.

  • Commentary link text is the same as in Commentary link for the Bible view.

  • Dictionary view's heading can now be tapped to see the word in other similar dictionaries for Kitkat and higher similar to popups.

  • Added Compact mode checkbox in Preferences under Display settings for devices whose Menu/Gear button doesn't work.

  • Search improvement in selections (Deluxe): management of selections (add/delete/save/retrieve) in case there are more than 2.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.2Menu/Gear button not working in some devices.

  • In Nougat or higher, Dark Holographic Theme, the Search history, Select verse Type selector on top and the module selector of the Editor in Split mode (Deluxe) are not easily readable.

  • Summary (Deluxe) bugs: Commentary and map links are included.

  • Summary sentences don't have the original accents/diacritics where as the Summary highlight have them.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.2Compare, Parallel Arrangement, Compare Commentaries, Compare Dictionaries and Long tap popup menu in Preferences crash in Marshmallow and Nougat 7.0.

  • Dark Material Theme in Marshmallow and higher has the green in Commentary/Dictionary indicator not easily readable.

  • Dark Material Theme in Marshmallow and higher has a different color accent.

  • Talk back: verse selector bible reference and Grid verse selector book are read using abbreviation so not friendly.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.1Tapping Strong link and dictionary popup is not enabled or no popups had been shown yet: Processing failed with error: Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.util.Iterator java.util.List.iterator()' on a null object reference. Please retry.

  • In Nougat or higher, Select path using ES File Explorer or tapping external links created by the Editor: ... file:///... exposed beyond app through Intent.getData().

  • In Nougat or higher, Dark Holographic Theme has some combo box items in dark text against gray background and not easily readable (example Search parameters).

  • In Nougat or higher, Material Theme, Compact mode in phones, the module abbreviation in the selector is tightly squeezed.

  • In Nougat or higher, Editor's Insert File link (Deluxe) no longer works.

  • What's new in Version 9.1Map improvements: Modern map only option (no overlay of map from Map book module).

  • More missing locations added (12 Tribes, Israel and Philistines).

  • Location Information's Root can now be tapped.

  • Location Information's Comments can now have Alternate coordinates which can be shown upon tapping (e.g Hosah in Jos 19:29, Bezer in Jos 20:8, Baalath beer in Jos 19:8).

  • (Deluxe) Manage (add/remove/save/retrieve) locations with add locations in verse range (use Location icon below Zoom +/- in upper left)

  • (Deluxe) Open in Google Maps a location in popup

  • Notes icon in Bible view can now be styled using CSS (img inside A tag is now dropped). The following are examples:.notes background:url('file:///sdcard/mysword/icons/cherries.svg'); width:24px; height:24px; background-size:100%;.notes:before content:'note'; display:block; font-family:'Material Icons'; font-size:1em; text-indent:0; color:#949;.notes background-image:none; width:1em; height:1em; text-decoration:none; vertical-align:inherit;

  • Better paragraph mode support (Premium) for Bible verse range Popup and Harmony reference expansion of a short Bible verse range that may not contain paragraph nor poetry tags even though the Bible had them elsewhere.

  • Export (Premium) improvement: module links like Bible refs can now be tapped and MySword Bible can be selected to open it.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1The Map link icon and the new Commentary link show as long blanks in Kitkat or lower, or Lollipop to Nougat with very old Android System WebView.

  • Embedded commentary with link to the same commentary does not properly work.

  • Opening of Map in freshly installed MySword where no picture is yet displayed in Books could display the error: Map file not saved into storage successfully.

  • About Module does not show in case there is only one Bible.

  • Commentary link and Dictionary Compare popup's View more does not automatically close the list if Commentary/Dictionary link is not popup.

  • Editor's Insert link (or paste via search, mini bible viewer or copy from right preview pane) with text (range or not) that use Bible with abbreviation containing + do work (e.g. Byz2005+, Tanakh+)

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 9.0.1Embedded Bible Commentary does not revert to None but to Personal Notes in the Preferences.

  • What's new in Version 9.0Bible pictures anchored to a verse using Bible picture commentaries (please download Bible Picture under Commentary; the pictures are Sweet Publishing (, available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (3.0)): Size can be adjusted, even iconized and tapping shows the picture

  • The position can be left or right

  • New Bible view preference to show/hide pictures

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 5.4Switching to Commentary view when there are no commentaries downloaded crashes MySword.

  • Tapping a Strong number in the preview or search results without dictionaries crashes MySword.

  • Tapping the upper left icon in Commentary and Dictionary without dictionaries and commentaries crashes MySword.

  • A popup of journal link to another journal will make journal self links not to work because it is looking for the entry in the first journal.

  • Bookmark selector buttons disappear when one is selected in ICS and Jellybean 4.1.

  • Custom XRef popup do not Merge XRefs.

  • Search and Merged XRefs: Merged XRefs not working in search results Bible link popups.

  • Search results do not Merge XRefs.

  • View more in search results highlights the item but does not update the internal current item so clicking Go to selected button gives a wrong item.

  • Not nice popup and show whole chapter shows CSS elements.

  • Popup of missing Bible that used a different module should reflect the change in the title.

  • Merged Bible refs at the start of verse stops the verse highlight short in paragraph mode (Premium).

  • Insert File Link (Deluxe) in WYSIWYG Editor does not work in pre-Kitkat devices because of the missing file:// in href which could be corrected by editing the link then just tap OK.

  • What's new in Version 5.3 Link to MySword - open MySword from other apps via HTML link, e.g. =Psa_37_3-6/ISV

  • Semi-transparent scroll buttons at the lower right. This can be hidden, shown in full screen (default) or always (even in non-full screen) via Display Preferences. The buttons are also available in popups, preview and Mini Bible viewer which can also be hidden.

  • Better support for Bibles with verse entry consisting of a range of verses (paraphrased like in EasyEnglish): Highlight now works in contained verses by highlighting the block.

  • Properly scrolls to the contained verses.

  • Better support for Commentaries with verse range entries like EasyEnglish (one chapter per entry) and Matthew Henry: does not reload and scrolls to top in case the new verse is already contained.

  • Added Check for updates in About and What's New screens for non-Google Play users.

  • Long press Share button (Premium) for option to share text with link or just link.

  • Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) improvement: swipe left/right will move to next/previous chapter/entry in case the page is already at the far end (right-most or left-most).

  • Bookmarks improvements in Deluxe version: For non-Bible, the Add/Remove/Module buttons are now equally spaced.

  • For non-Bible, the scroll percentage is now device independent.

  • Label a bookmark item by tapping the icon at the far right of each item. You can also just replace the bookmark retaining the old label and sort position.

  • Bugs Fixed in Version 5.3Bible links with specified module (e.g. [[Psa 23:1/KJV]]) when merged do not properly show in popup.

  • Compact Bible popup does not have top margin.

  • Password in Journals are bypassed in Journal entry link as popup, edit journal entry, as well as in search result and view more.

  • Editing Journal entry details will inject merge Bible ref links to content in case there are Bible refs and Merge is enabled.

  • Bible links created in non-WYSIWYG editor for Tag Notes (Deluxe) does not work in Popups after MySword 5.2 update.

  • Tag custom position (Deluxe) in Horizontal scrolling cannot be used as the height of display is too small.

  • Format and Tag custom position (Deluxe) display do not have top margin.

  • In themes with background image in Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe), short content always have excess second blank page.

  • What's new in Version 5.2 New Display setting to enable/disable Hardware acceleration. This is for those devices that experience flicker or any problems because of the poor support for hardware acceleration like old devices with custom Honeycomb ROM.

  • Commentary and Dictionary view improvement: In case there is an entry for a certain module, the Abbreviation is highlighted with green color in the selection list, shortcut buttons and drawer.

  • WYSIWYG Editor improvements: New WYSIWYG (Other) Format button for alignment, text size, subscript and superscript.

  • Insert named anchor/bookmark (used for in-page link) via Insert button. To link to it within the same page, use ##AnchorName as Link. To link to another page, insert first the link and edit to include at the end of Link #AnchorName.

  • Notes and Journal now supports links to named Anchor/bookmark in another page.

  • The Word links of the form "tw://bible.*?43.3.16" are now recognized as Bible links.

  • New Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) items: Hebrew and Greek.

  • New Deluxe Display setting: Horizontal scrolling (ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat and higher): Number of columns. Default means scrolling is vertical, the old behavior; otherwise, the display becomes multi-column and content flows to the columns causing the scrolling to be horizontal like in physical book pages. The number of columns is the number of viewable columns.

  • Column gap - the number of logical pixels from 0 to 100.

It is actually possible to have single split window in tablet in landscape mode and have 2 to 3 display columns for visual relief. 041b061a72


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