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Hdd Docking Si 7908 Driver

I have an Orico SATA HHD docking station (model 6619 series) that normally allows me to mount SATA drives. It is a USB device and connects to my Mac Pro (model 5,5) via a USB 3 port created by a PCI card. It has worked great until today.

Hdd Docking Si 7908 Driver


I installed Yosemite on my computer two days ago, and today was the first time I needed to use the docking station. Hard drives no longer mount. The dock seems to be aware that a disk has been inserted; the control lights flash as normal, and the clicking sounds that typically appear as a disk mounts are also present. But the drive dose not appear on the desktop. My Finder prefs are unchanged, so external disks should appear.

So I went to the CalDigit web site's support page and download a pack of new USB drivers. On the page, it listed a number of OSX versions but not Yosemite. But once downloaded and unarchived, there was a OSX 10.10 driver. I installed it and rebooted. I reconnected the dock to the USB 3 port and powered up on and inserted a disk. It worked again!

Yes, CalDigit should really update their site to reflect the fact that there is a 10.10 driver in that package. I downloaded it again just on the chance that there might be a Yosemite driver in there.

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