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When we started to think about renovating this current room, we decided to try a different route to removing the popcorn ceilings. Mr. Wonderful thought this idea would work and it sounded A LOT easier than Method 1. This : method would leave us with more of a knock down or orange peel texture. Here is a before shot of the popcorn ceiling. The , final step is simply to paint the ceiling and walls unless you covered them! For the ceiling, we used i300 White Base Dead Flat Interior Paint for our ceilings and Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore for all our walls. When painting your ceiling, keep in mind that the flatter, or more matte, the paint is, the more it will hide imperfections so go as flat as possible. We used a roller first to get as close to the edges as possible and then used a regular paint brush to finish up the unreached areas.cupboard spraying near meFor questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-474-3794. Pour some of the desired latex paint color into a clean paint tray. Paint the cabinets and doors, allowing paint to dry completely. Apply a second coat if needed. Allow the paint to cure for at several days , before using the cabinets, especially if , the insides have been painted. I contacted Spray Kitchen Elite for a quote to respray our rather tired 20 year old kitchen. Chris was super quick to reply with his quote from the photos I had supplied. Chris and his team turned up as agreed and took away the parts that could be removed to be sprayed and two weeks later returned to refit. Chris, Charlie and Nathan worked for two days and I can honestly say the results they achieved were beyond all of my expectations. Absolutely amazing results the whole kitchen looks brand new I could not be happier. Chris and his team were very professional and carried out the work with minimal disruption and mess. I Would have NO hesitation in recommending them to paint for exterior walls in indiaIn both the exterior and interior paint, the pigments and solvents share similarities. For outdoors, water-based or oil-based paints can be used. For interior work, however, oil-based paints are not recommended. This is because of their odor and the fact , that they’re difficult to clean. In The Swim tailor-made this paint for patios and decks that will take abuse. Originally formulated for pool decks, this paint wont fade for many years even with extensive exposure to UV light and wont peel from rain or water. The base of your primer is essential as it determines how it is going to make your wall look. Primers with an acrylic base often make your walls look good only for a while. However, since paint is applied right on top of the primer, we recommend you to go for a white cement-based primer as it gives you a white finish and high opacity. This is extremely important to get the true tone of color.""""""""


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