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You'll never have enough space and the gin.whis cabinet.

All hobbies start small. So did my Whisky hobby and the later added Gin one.

A few bottles no problem they'll fit in any cabinet in any house, right? But as so often hobbies tend to grow but your storrage space doesn't.

So it wasn't Iong till I claimed a cabinet

And then a shelf.

And then more space in several cupboards.

You probably know what I mean, right?

And that does not make you happy.

You want to enjoy your collection, want to stand in front of it and observe it. Run your eyes over each and every bottle and imagine all the tastes in your head before you'll decide which one is the one drink that fits your fancy that night. right?

So one fine evening I came up with a brilliant idea, I'll build myself a gin.whis cabinet. And NO I wasnt thinking small, I was thinking BIG. But where?. Cause like my gin and whisky hobby I think I once had a reproductive hobby too, and I collected 4 and they fill up all the rooms.

I looked for suitable places. and then I found one, a wall next to the livingroom entrance, empty but for a lightswitch, the thermostat and a piece of art.

Now that's the spot.

Happy as a whisky hobbyist in a liquor store I took measurements and sat down behind my laptop.

I'm no designer, but 3d drawing, I can do a little. In no time I came up with a perfect design. In my eyes at least.

BUT I had NOT taken into account that my other half, or probably my better half might have some ideas about this. Or should I say objections.

So attempted manipulation started. and all was allowed.

I sought unfair support among my Instagram followers (mainly whisky and gin lovers).

As if I expected that to work. Although it achieved one thing. It made her think of what could be in it for her. Negociations started. If you, then I.

Where are we now?

I am no carpenter but I managed to build a decking and porch in the garden on my own, so I think my skills are overrated but trusted. The outcome: I get to build my gin.whis cabinet if I also build an extra kitchen cupboard.

I say, it sounds like a plan to me.

This first blog will definitely be continued.

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