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Buy Aged Leads [REPACK]

Because aged leads are so affordable there are a lot of great ways to use them to grow your insurance, mortgage, or solar business. Here are just a few ways to immediately use your new aged lead data.

buy aged leads

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Mortgage leads, which is the industry I came from, needs a little more strategy behind your system. There are a couple of important windows for converting a mortgage deal because it is an infrequent transaction.

Because the solar purchase is a longer buying cycle it almost makes more sense to buy aged leads over real-time leads. Let them get the research out of their system or just know that your lead nurturing (education) campaign can move them to a future purchase.

Hopefully this has given you a lot more insight into what aged leads are, how they are created, and the mindset of the consumer. From this knowledge you can get the best results from strategically using aged leads in your sales process.

Along with being able to purchase aged leads, you can also buy real-time leads. These are leads that companies generate, as the name implies, in real-time. Where aged leads can be several weeks to several months old, real-time leads are only minutes to hours old.

With a real-time lead, a potential customer recently submitted their information to be contacted about a specific insurance product, and now you have the opportunity to be one of the first agents to nurture that lead and close the sale. In essence, real-time leads put you in the best possible position to build a relationship with the potential client and sell your products.

Another thing to keep in mind with real-time leads is that although they cost more, their greater potential for conversion means you may not need to buy as many to reach your goal. As such, you could end up spending less and making more.

As an insurance agent reaching out to potential customers, you may be concerned about the time it takes to call leads. An auto-dialer can save you time, but there are restrictions about using these devices for sales and marketing. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 restricts telemarketing and the use of automated equipment such as automated dialing systems, pre-recorded messages, fax machines, and text messaging unless the consumer provides their express consent.

Although the TCPA significantly slowed the outreach efforts of insurance companies, this ruling means that agents can still leverage auto-dialers for the best results with aged leads. You can save time by entering your lists of leads into the system and dialing with your automated caller.

Still, with the restrictions of the TCPA on calling cell phones, agents may understandably feel uncomfortable calling leads. These regulations, however, could offer a silver lining for independent agents and small agencies. It gives larger companies and call centers less of a competitive edge, meaning you can more easily swoop in and get the client.

Ultimately, lead value is less about what it costs you than about the return on investment (ROI) you'll receive. And, despite the higher cost of real-time leads, they will always deliver a higher average ROI than aged leads. Because you're paying more for premium, exclusive leads, you can buy them in lower quantities and get better results by being the first one to make the call.

You can even take real-time leads a step further by purchasing live-call transfers. These leads are as fresh as possible because your lead generation provider has just verified their interest and piped their call directly to you. These calls can deliver an even higher conversion rate and ROI than other real-time leads.

Because life insurance policies often need nurturing to close deals, your aged leads are still highly valuable but available at a fraction of the cost, which can greatly increase your ROI and boost your sales pipeline.

Life insurance leads are mostly generated online, through free life insurance quote websites like NerdWallet, QuickQuote, PolicyGenius, and other sites that ship these leads to multiple life insurance companies.

Typically, these leads are pounced on immediately by insurance salespeople, often bombarding their leads to the point of uninterest. Luckily for you, these once real-time leads become aged, which can then be sold on the secondary market for a fraction of the cost, especially when purchased in bulk.

Once your filters have been selected, get an instant count and delivery of your leads. All leads are downloaded in CSV format with phone(s), email(s), address, date of birth, job, etc., to easily integrate into your CRM.

Aged Lead Store leads have very few phone numbers on the federal DNC list, and our leads can be easily imported into most CRMS systems. In fact, our relationship with agents is so important to me, we will happily replace up to 20% cap on returns ANY leads that cannot, for whatever reason, be uploaded to your preferred system.

Aged Lead Store leverages 3rd party data to verify, complete, and augment our leads in order to consistently deliver high value prospects to clients in 48 states. In fact, our relationship with agents is so important to me, we will happily replace up to 20% cap on returns any wrong numbers or disconnects you get from us.

Among the offerings of LeadPoint are aged leads, which are not sold in real-time. Based on Dr. James Oldroyd MIT study showing a precipitous drop in the likelihood of being able to contact and qualify a lead if not called within its first hour of origination, it would not seem to make sense to purchase aged leads. Yet our aged leads are popular with our customers, particularly with individual mortgage loan officers. Why?

As noted in a previous blog, the key benefit of real-time leads is that if called immediately, a buyer reaches a consumer right as they have expressed interest in a service. The MIT study demonstrates that calling a real-time lead within the first hour of its origination statistically results in dramatically higher contact and qualifying rates that ultimately lead to higher closure rates.

If not set up to contact leads right away, some buyers of real-time leads could be wasting money. Ultimately, one is paying a premium for the lead with the understanding that if worked effectively, it has a greater chance of closing. If one is not taking advantage of the urgency of the real-time lead, then the premium is not being utilized.

Leads do not sell their maximum number of times when supply in the real-time market exceeds demand. One of the reasons for this is the fluctuation of buyer demand. Most buyers purchase leads early in the day so that they can call on the lead throughout the day in order to make contact. While sellers work to drive consumers to complete online applications when demand is highest, inevitably, leads enter the market later in the day or during off-peak demand periods. This is often the case of leads that come in through organic searches when advertising is not driving the consumer into the market.

With some aged lead offerings, additional filters can be applied that allow one to be even more exacting in finding the consumers that they are best able to serve. With real-time mortgage leads, one is able to filter by state. With aged mortgage leads, buyers are able to filter down to a zip code. This provides greater ability to be more exact with the leads that one is seeking.

For patient and diligent salespeople, aged leads can be a great source of building a client base or boosting revenue. You just have to approach these prospects with a good strategy. How does the process work? Who, specifically, should you contact? And how are these leads different from warm or cold leads?

Not everything that glitters is gold. Although aged leads sounds like the dream, make no mistake, they still require talent, finesse, and persistence. Listed below are some crucial pros and cons to know before buying aged leads.

The alternative to starting with aged leads is to do the entire lead generation process yourself. While this can work, it means you need to spend more time nurturing those leads to identify the ones that are most likely to convert into paying customers.

It goes without saying that lead generation is a top priority for loan officers. And buying mortgage leads can be a powerful tool for building out a new business or growing an existing one. That said, buying mortgage leads is not a one size fits all solution and requires due diligence. Consider these five things before using your hard-earned money to buy mortgage leads:

Before taking the plunge to buy mortgage leads, determine who your ideal customer is. Are you looking to cast a wide net or do you prefer a specific type of business? Do you want refinance, purchase business or both? Or do you prefer working with first-time homebuyers with FHA loans or prefer VA loans? Once you establish your target customer is, set specific goals for lead generation.

In a market where many lenders are struggling to keep sales pipelines flowing, NFM's influencer channel has generated thousands of leads every month on a lead-buying budget of zero and Surefire Power Video.

When you create your own mortgage lead generation system, all of your leads will be 100% exclusive to just your company, and your website will work round-the-clock to attract new traffic and convert that traffic into a new pool of leads.

Exclusive leads are leads that are only sold to one buyer, meaning that when you buy a lead and contact them, you will be the first and only loan officer contacting that person. This drastically improves your closing ratio.

Now ideally, you should contact your lead the very same day that you received it, which is why real-time leads are more expensive. The quicker you can call a lead after they submitted their form, the more your odds increase of closing the sale.

Many mortgage lenders and brokers have most likely built into their business model some form of mortgage lead generation, or they may just buy mortgage leads from the large mortgage lead aggregators. 041b061a72


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