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Buy My Van

There is no obligation to accept our final offer on the day of your appointment. We pride ourselves on our pressure-free van buying service - our goal is to save you the hassle of selling your van privately.

buy my van

It's simple, we are a platform that you can use to sell your car easily and at a competitive rate. Our Smart System searches through offers from our car buying partners and matches you with a reputable buyer who is willing to quote the highest value for your car.

Yes, you can. The car buying partner we match you with will just need to know how much is outstanding with confirmation from your finance company so that they can pay it off on your behalf, and pay you the remaining balance.

You will need your V5 logbook in your name at your current address, current MOT certificate, all history and bills you have available, handbooks and a copy of a utility bill in your name dated within the last three months.

Yes, definitely. With imported vehicles, we may not be able to conduct an accurate evaluation on our website. When the car buying partner we match you with gets in touch with you, please let them know that your vehicle is imported.

Exchange My Car is a free matchmaking service to help you sell your car quick and easily. Our Smart System will find the best deals for you and connect you with the most suitable car buying partner.You can read more about how we compare to other car buyers here.

Do you want to avoid the cost, effort, stress and time of selling your van privately? Are you fed-up with strangers turning up for uninsured test drives? Are you concerned about receiving money from someone you do not know? What if, after months of trying the private sales route your van remains unsold and you have incurred further advertising, depreciation and running costs?

The car buying service eliminates all the stress normally associated with trading in your car, or if you are selling your car on your own, the hassle of buying and placing ads, handling phone calls and emails from interested buyers, payment, loan approval delays, and having to rearrange your schedule in order to meet with potential buyers, just to show your car! Don't worry about someone coming back to you if there is an issue with the car!

Our business is based on volume - we buy thousands of cars every single week - which allows us to give you a great price for your car based on our expert knowledge of the used car market. We can also save you lots of valuable time through the use of our online valuation tool, which will generate a fair-market valuation in just seconds. Then with just one stop for an on-site inspection at one of our convenient locations near you, your car is sold - and you have cash in hand, fast!

We are not used car salespeople. We are high-volume car buyers who focus on delivering the best overall value and an excellent customer service experience. We offer fair and transparent car valuations based on our expert knowledge and years of experience in the car business.

Start now by providing us with some basic information on your vehicle to receive an instant online car valuation, then schedule an appointment online to come by one of our branches for a fast and free inspection and leave with a check in hand for your car!

Depending on your location, we offer home appointments, meet-ups or vehicle dropoff at one of our convenient Carvana hubs or awesome vending machines. Our appointments are fast and easy - we will take a quick look at your car to confirm the vehicle details, pass you a couple of papers to sign, and then pay you on the spot! There may be an additional fee for home pick up.

Vans are hardworking vehicles, but some models can be expensive to run and may be more stress than they are worth. Strict regulations surround vans, minibuses, anything larger than a car. Now Euro 6 compliance rules have come into force, your van value may also be set to drop. Euro 6 conversion kits for vans do exist, but it might just be the perfect time to sell.

As a real estate investor of eight years, I've found that the key is to take small steps. When I first began investing at age 23, I set a modest goal to make a bit of extra money on top of my engineering salary with one or two rental properties.

Today, I own 61 rental units that last year grossed $431,000 in rental income. I'm also a real estate coach at Roofstock Academy. I mostly work from a converted van that my wife and I live in. When we're not traveling across the U.S. in our van, we stay in our California duplex home.

Saving for an investment property was a goal of mine, so I lived well below my means. I paid $800 per month to rent an apartment with roommates. My employer covered essential expenses like my car and cell phone bills, allowing me to save even more every month.

In 2014, I used $40,000 I'd saved in cash and sold $20,000 worth of stocks to make my first real estate purchase: a $295,000 single-family home in Southern California. I also took out a loan from a family member for the remaining cost, so I didn't have to borrow from the bank.

The home sat vacant for two months before I rented it out, but it didn't need any renovations. The $1,810 per month rent from my tenant allowed me to cover monthly loan payments on the home plus the operational expenses of managing it.

I made $51,404 that year in gross rental income from all three properties, and while most of that money went towards covering mortgage, maintenance and property management costs, I was also able to take home around $1,800 per month.

In 2017, I decided to ramp up my savings to purchase additional real estate. I found an even cheaper apartment to share with roommates, and invested those savings plus the money I was making off real estate into the stock market and my investment accounts.

To do this from afar, I built relationships with agents and property management professionals in those markets, so I knew I'd have a team on the ground to identify the best properties and take care of my tenants.

To learn what strategy works best for you, I recommend researching the basics. There are so many resources available, from podcasts (including mine, The Remote Real Estate Investor) to online courses.

A lot of people also wonder what their return on investment goals should look like. I always say that folks should be comparing the total returns they can get in real estate (calculate this by adding cash flow, appreciation, loan payments and tax benefits) against the returns they could be getting in other investment vehicles.

Even if this means smaller profit margins up front, this allows me to simplify my life and use the majority of my real estate portfolio as a passive income stream. You do the work once to buy and fix the home, and then you get to reap the rewards for as long as you own the property.

So far, I've spent about $2.5 million in renovations across my portfolio, and I've tried to make every dollar count. Just adding upgrades like laundry rooms and stainless steel appliances to ready-to-rent properties can help increase the rental value of a property.

Buying in opportune markets, or places where homes are expected to appreciate in value over time, and making small adjustments to those properties can also boost the long-term value of your purchases.

This allowed me to build a portfolio in the Midwest while living in California, and now it lets me travel while generating income through my properties. I can view homes via FaceTime with my agent, rely on a trusted contractor for renovations, and leave it to my property manager to source responsible tenants.

Breakdowns are bound do happen for van lifers, so prepare accordingly with an emergency kit. This handy setup includes jumper cables, tow straps, tire repair materials, an air compressor, seatbelt cutter, and more.

Much like a fire extinguisher, this carbon monoxide detector could be a life-saving accessory for van life. Powered by two AA batteries, this device will beep constantly at 85 decibels if deadly carbon monoxide is present.

Not ready to commit to a pricy solar panel setup quite yet? Then keep all of your essential van life tech gadgets charged with this solar-powered behemoth of a power bank, which will charge an iPhone nine times over.

This incredible little accessory might just be the best van life tech gadget on the list. Not only can this power bank jump your dead car battery, but it also fast charges devices, works as a flashlight, and has a built-in compass.

While many van lifers dream of purchasing a 12-volt refrigerator/freezer, the Yeti Hopper Flip cooler bag is a more portable and versatile option. It keeps contents cold for days, and is mobile enough for day trips.

When the fatigue of van life hits, I turn to my Nanospresso for an instant boost of caffeine. With it, all I need to create restaurant-quality espresso are espresso grounds, hot water, and my own two hands.

My Fan-Tastic Fan does wonders for keeping fresh air circulating throughout my van and regulating the temperature inside. With its handy remote, you can change fan speeds, reverse direction, and turn the fan on and off.

Van life has taken me to some chilly destinations. Luckily, I have the propane-powered Mr. Heater at my disposal to instantly warm up my space. Life-Saving Tip: Always use proper ventilation and never sleep with your heater on.

Life on the road is better with a trusty pair of sandals, and the Aqua Grippers are my pair of choice. Engineered with a versatile set of features, these sandals are fully adjustable, have ultra-gripping tread, and are minimalist enough to take anywhere.

I have two of these sturdy Yakimas atop my Astro and they triple the meager storage space I have within my van. I store my raft, stove, tools, table, fishing poles, skis, and more within these lockable, durable beasts.

When wine stains or man musk force my clothes out of duty, they are relegated to my laundry bag until further notice. This bag is featherlight, stylish, and has a detailed world map to inspire my next adventure. 041b061a72


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