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Rhode Island Electrical Engineer Temporary Agency

You will contribute to design and engineering for projects of varying size and complexity. As a licensed professional, your duties may include taking responsibility for design and project deliverables; however, work will be completed under the guidance of a Senior Electrical Engineer. You will be responsibile for applying engineering knowledge, concepts and experience to size, evaluate, select, and specify electrical power, lighting and auxiliary systems for use on assigned projects in accordance with relevant codes and standards. You will perform a variety of tasks which may include conducting field investigations, preparing design calcuations, developing construction packages (drawings and specifications), and contributing to business development activities.

rhode island electrical engineer temporary agency

Permits are required for most construction work performed, including roofing, siding, sheds, pools, garages, decks, additions, windows, doors, temporary structures, electrical work, electrical repair, electrical service installation and repair, plumbing work, plumbing repair, mechanical work, mechanical repair, and retaining walls, just to name a few. Whenever in doubt as to whether or not a permit is required, feel free to contact this office.

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