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Infinity Pool

Why not try our Exhale Spa experience which extends outside to a spa pool and poolside yoga pavilion, while an adjacent 2,150-square-foot fitness center spans two stories with state-of-the-art equipment by Technogym.

Infinity Pool

Welcome to the ultimate daybed experience. With views overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and our Infinity Pool, your daybed comes with an exclusive seating space to promote ultimate relaxation under the sun. Amenities include a dedicated server, couch, daybed, side table, pool-side concierge, towel service and shade.

Enjoy an exclusive view of the Las Vegas Strip and our infinity pool from the privacy of the VIP Pool Bungalow. Relax in a fun adult-only atmosphere with complimentary amenities that give you permission to lounge in extravagance. Amenities include a misting fan, coffee table, couch, love seat, television, audio system, personal safe, refrigerator, side tables and lounge chairs.

Why 101?...The cascading edge of the pool dangles exactly 101 feet above the Potomac River edge. Sit back, relax, and take in the view as the river winds its way through the valley towards DC and the Chesapeake. Enjoy our pool menu unique cocktails and delicious finger foods while you recharge by the pool. Cheers and we hope you enjoy your day in the sun!

A private oasis by day, the Infinity Pool is artfully designed for optimum relaxation. The stylish poolside space is arranged with loungers, allowing guests to unwind in uninterrupted peace. Blending seamlessly with the sea, the swimming pool is perfectly positioned to experience unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. At nightfall, the space transforms into a vibrant lounge hotspot, hosting special events and VIP soirées. Live music infuses the atmosphere with a chilled vibe, complemented by an inspired drinks menu, featuring creative cocktails and world-class Champagnes.

Begin your day with a few vigorous laps or enjoy the morning sunrise at our 25-metre-long outdoor infinity pool. Set on the sixth floor, the spacious, landscaped deck promises glittering, serene views of Victoria Harbour, where you can relax and enjoy some delicious refreshments from Asaya Kitchen.

An oasis in the center of downtown Dallas, the Uptown Terrace heated outdoor infinity swimming pool is available year-round to all hotel guests. Unwind in the heated, therapeutic pool, enjoy a cocktail by the seasonal fire pit or soak up the sun on one of our lounge chairs at one of the best hotel pools in Dallas overlooking downtown.The Uptown Terrace Pool Bar & Grill and infinity pool are open to registered guests of the hotel.

When James first meets the zombies, one of them brings up the notion that many savvy audience members are thinking about as soon as Brandon Cronenberg's twist drops: how does James, or any of the gang, know that they're the original? How many doubles of them exist, anyway? The title "Infinity Pool" refers to the reason Gabi and Alban originally got in trouble with the Li Tolqans, where the construction of a pool for a new resort went wrong and resulted in some accidental deaths. It also refers to the type of pool itself, an optical illusion that seems to indicate to the naked eye that there is no horizon when, in fact, there exists a definite ending, a certain limit to the pool.

Gabi and the zombies perceive this as a fault in James' masculinity, pegging Em (who married James for no better reason than to get back at her father) as a woman who has sapped his virility. On the outside, James is the perfect male specimen: handsome, rich, and in shape. Cronenberg seems to say that James' failing isn't being a whipped wimp, but is instead a result of his emptiness: he's all surface, no depth, like Vincent or Roger O. Thornhill, like an infinity pool. In essence, a clone even before he's been doubled.

Amazing panoramic views to the Aegean Sea and the Caldera from your private, infinity- edge pool, are inviting to clear your sight and mind in this charming luxury suite in Oia Santorini. The Suite comprises a bedroom with King Size bed and a separate living room, a spacious bathroom with rain shower and walk-in closet. Windows or patio doors in all areas allow the velvet blue of the Aegean to break in gently, against the dazzling white elegance of the furnishings.The private veranda features a panoramic infinity-edge pool and open-air dining area with mind-blowing views. The refined ambience of the Infinity Pool Suite makes it one of the most exceptional holiday homes in Santorini. This suite can accommodate up to two persons.

From mid-May to mid-October find peace and serenity at the edge of our newly completed infinity pool. Heated to a pleasant 82 degrees you can swim up to the edge and feel as if you could reach out and touch the pristine beauty of the harbor. Then unwind and enjoy the view from one of two hot tubs, heated to a relaxing 102 degrees. Whether taking a dip or lounging with a good book enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail or freshly made appetizer from the new Pool Bar.

The unique Sky Pool in South Tyrol is the secret star that fills entire pages in lifestyle magazines and provides the perfect backdrop for Instagram posts. The idea for this extraordinary infinity pool in the Dolomites with a glass front came from senior host Christian Gasser. At a height of twelve metres, our Sky Pool, which is heated all year round and is unique in South Tyrol, spreads out like a wing in the unspoilt natural landscape. The water surface merges seamlessly with the impressive mountain world. Borders disappear, the view widens. The window in the floor of the Sky Pool in South Tyrol reveals new perspectives.

Water is life. Water is power. It gives shape to landscapes and mountains. Such as the Dolomites that rise majestically in front of our hotel in South Tyrol with infinity pool and watch over the unspoilt nature like silent witnesses. It almost seems as if you could touch the peaks when taking your laps in our Sky Pool in South Tyrol, which is reminiscent of a mysterious mountain lake. Can you feel the power of the mountains and the water?

Enjoy a front-row seat to Garden of the Gods from our outdoor infinity-edge spa pool. Draw inspiration from the magnificent views chiseled from the million-year-old rocks whose fingers touch the sky, shining from the vibrant brushstrokes of color that paint every sunset. Heated to 84F, the Infinity Pool is open 365 days a year.

The picture-perfect place to bask in the sun, our Three Graces Pool Complex features an expansive outdoor swimming pool, lap lane and hot tub, private cabanas, lounge chairs, and a bar and grille. This family-friendly pool complex requires a member card or guest room key to access the main gate.

Similarly in New York, Kohn Pederson Fox is building a tower that will feature the "highest residential infinity pool in the western hemisphere" on its roof, and a skyscraper in Honolulu with a glass-bottomed pool that extends from its seventh floor.

Infinity Pool Construction, LLC uses industry-leading fiberglass pool products and materials to provide you with a plentiful amount of options for your fiberglass pool project. We are a proud authorized dealer of the swimming pool manufacturer, Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools.

With quality pool building materials and products, Infinity Pool Construction can truly create a beautiful outdoor environment. Browse our Pool Finishes, Pool Tile Collection and Water Color Selections to help envision a one of a kind concrete pool tailored to your particular style, wants and needs.

Infinity Pool Construction provides fencing in many styles to meet pool approved code. We use Hudson Fence Supply fencing products. Powder Coated Aluminum Fencing and Gates Privacy Vinyl Fencing and Gates Semi-Privacy [...] 041b061a72


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