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Porno Patrol - 04 Insane Asylum LINK

Restaurateur Anjette Lyles from Macon, Georgia, used arsenic to fatally poison two of her husbands, a mother-in-law, and her daughter. Anjette was sentenced to death, but was later committed to an insane asylum, where she died of a heart attack in 1977.

Porno Patrol - 04 Insane Asylum


Here, very little is known of the Dude, only that he's been evicted from his home (there's a moving van parked in front of his home) and has been driven insane as a result, but no real back story evolves during the game. The manual (War Journal in Redux), however, does mention that the Dude believes his town to be under some sort of madness outbreak and that it's up to him to stop it, as well as the in-game diary of the Dude ranting about "cleansing" the Earth. By the end, he has a breakdown, collapses, and is contained in a mental asylum for study after either attempting a massacre at an elementary school (original) or witnessing what appears to be his own funeral (Redux). Redux's Rampage ending implies that his condition is beginning to worsen, seemingly locked in an "endless struggle against himself". The Postal Dude is never seen directly, only being seen as the player's sprite in gameplay and in the surreal images that play before each level, although his image is heavily distorted. His true identity is thrown into further chaos as of POSTAL Redux, which reveals the existence of multiple Postal Dudes; four of which band together to break the Campaign/Rampage Dude out of the asylum in the Co-op ending. This is thrown further upon the completion of the Super Delivery campaign, where the Co-Op Dudes (red, blue, yellow, and green coats) lie dead at the grave in that campaign's version of "The End". 041b061a72


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