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Buy Led Stage Lights [WORK]

Stage light bars and other studio lighting can help you create a truly unforgettable production. Highly-specialized lighting equipment delivers a wide range of effects or colors to the stage or studio. Whether you're producing a small-scale production or a massive theatrical display, the right lighting makes a difference. LED theater lights or other types of stage and studio lighting are available to customize your studio.

buy led stage lights

Your lighting requirements might differ drastically depending on what you're trying to create, whether you're working in a photography studio or illuminating performance art on a stage. You may also need specialized DJ and effect lights for a dance party or nightclub. Architectural lighting may be an option if you're trying to add interesting atmospheric lighting to your home.

Why Choose LED Lighting?For a wide range of different applications, the wisest choice would be LED lights. LED bulbs use a large number of individual diodes, rather than a single light bulb. Because of these diodes, LED fixtures have far superior color-mixing capabilities compared to tungsten lights, which rely on gel filters to achieve the same effects. LED lighting consumes less power, lowering operating costs, and they produce much less heat compared to tungsten lighting. LED lighting keeps the environment cooler, offering a safer option.

There are many different kinds of LED lights, and each product provides something unique. Some of the most effective LED lighting is stage light bars. These are long, powerful lighting fixtures capable of delivering wide beams of light, flooding entire stages or backdrops. They also work well on walls and in studios. LED wash lights are essential for most stage performances, filling the stage with soft, evenly distributed illumination. One example of a wash light is an LED Fresnel, commonly used for top and backlighting on stages. LED ellipsoidals are incredibly versatile powerful lights capable of virtually any role in stage or studio productions. With these lights, you can control the beam, intensity, color, and much more.

Great lighting is a key component in a truly fantastic immersive experience. The proper lighting lets you set the mood, enhance the performance, and focus the audience's attention where you want it, when you want it there. LED stage lights run cool, the LED's last for more than 10 years, and the fixtures weigh significantly less than traditional stage lights.

These are the electronic tools you'll need to achieve ultimate control over your lighting fixtures. The type and model you choose will be based in a large part on the type and number of lights you're using and how you're using them.

Lighting clamps let you place lights right where you need them. They're particularly useful for hanging lights from overhead pipes. Since the best lighting setups use lights at all different heights, lighting stands give you the varied heights you will need. We also carry all of those little accessories that make a big impact on your LED stage lighting setup.

When you're looking for LED stage lighting systems and fixtures, look to CCI Solutions first. Our selection, prices, and 40+ years of experience in visual and sound technologies put us at the forefront of audio/visual suppliers. Our friendly technical consultants would love to help you design a LED stage lighting system that is perfect for your needs!

At the Stage Lighting Store we offer over 49,000 products, with free shipping on thousands! From ellipsoidals to gels, moving lights to hardware, we have everything your school play, professional production, event venue or church service needs to bring your production to life. Don't let our name fool you - we are more than stage lighting! You'll also find stage hardware, truss, rigging, audio and visual technology, and some scenery. There's even some photography lighting gear!

Not sure what you need? We also offer free, professional theatre lighting advice to help you light up your stage. With over 15 years in the business, we know what we're talking about! We'll help you get a Broadway look at off-Broadway prices. Give us a call or click above to see our selection. Shopping online is easy - we accept all major credit cards, Paypal (with PayPal credit for financing) and we accept purchase orders from schools and government municipalities via email or fax.

If you're looking to learn about stage lighting design, visit our free Educational Resources section. There you can read our take on Design Philosophy, Lighting Goals, and the Process of Design. There is also a really interesting article on how Contrast Equals Interest. There is a section that speaks specifically of different styles of lighting instruments that will help you decide what tool will meet your needs. If you are interested in some articles about specific subjects that involve light and the world around us, take a look at our Louie Lumen Blog section. Louie is our HPL lamp mascot! He loves to crack a joke or get on his soap box. In his blog, he talks about things like Headset Etiquette, the History of Halloween and even why leaves change color in the fall and how that relates to stage lighting. At the holiday season Louie even performs excerpts of his Backstage Christmas Carol called "Apologies to Mr. Dickens".

LED stage lighting instruments are stage lighting instruments that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. LED instruments are an alternative to traditional stage lighting instruments which use halogen lamp or high-intensity discharge lamps. Like other LED instruments, they have high light output with lower power consumption.

LED stage lights come in three main types. PAR cans, striplights[1] and 'moving head' types. In LED PAR cans, a round printed circuit board with LEDs mounted on is used in place of a PAR lamp. Moving head types can either be a bank of LEDs mounted on a yoke or more conventional moving head lights with the bulb replaced with an LED bank.[2]

In fact, there is no such thing as an LED PAR can - it is a misnomer possibly attributed to Chinese manufacturers. As there is no Parabolic Aluminised Reflector in an LED 'PAR', they would be more accurately referred to as to as 'LED flood lights'.

LED instruments can and have been used to replace any conventional lighting fixture, and some shows, such as Radiohead's 2008 tour, have used only LED lighting instruments.[3] However, most shows use LEDs only for lighting cycloramas, or as top, side or back light. They can also be used as 'audience blinders' (lights pointed directly at the audience from a low angle).

Due to low heat output, LED instruments can be used in areas where the high amount of heat conventional stage fixtures put off would not be ideal. For this reason, LED instruments are used to light ice sculptures, especially when lighting the sculptures from within.[5]

In 2007, I wrote an article on LED lighting for stage and theatrical use as it was fast becoming cheap and more readily available. Major stage lighting manufacturers had started to dive into the LED lighting fixture market while cheap imported lights mean that even a small band or DJ could get a slice of the action.

Stage lighting is usually controlled using the standard DMX512 protocol, and LED fixtures are no exception. Different DMX channels control the Red, Green, Blue while other channels may deal with overall instensity or special chases and effects. The LED lights are linked to the DMX signal chain in the same way as other intelligent stage lighting fixtures and do not require extra dimmers to control them.

Rob Sayer HND PGDip FHEA is a Senior Lecturer in Technical Theatre Production, mentor, and consultant in stage lighting and education. As a professional lighting designer, Rob designed and programmed theatre performances, music festivals and large corporate events for blue chip companies while travelling all over Europe. With a background in theatre, he combines traditional stage lighting knowledge alongside fast moving lighting and video technology in the world of commercial events.

There are millions of LED pars on the market at different prices and intensities and all anyone really needs to know is will the light up a stage properly and how far away do they need to be fitted from the performance area.

Before you throw your rig of conventionals in the trash, be aware that there are serious and often complex reasons why LEDs are currently not a cure-all in stage lighting right now. These caveats encompass colour rendition, fixture life, dimming, optics and even environmental questions. Lighting designers have their reasons for choosing LEDs, along with reasons why they continue to specify other light sources.

The color mixing capabilities of the LED fixture is often a key selling point. They come in different forms such as the lighting batten, a long strip with an array of colored LEDs or in a compact, circular array that produces a beam of light, similar to a conventional PAR can or a Floodlight. The batten are useful for lighting up flat areas, such as a wall or backcloth, while the PAR/Flood fixtures will give you a beam of light, similar to their conventional stage lighting relatives.

While having their faults and limitations, DMX-controlled LED lighting fixtures are an important and welcome development in the technology of stage and theatre lighting. The rate of change means that it would be foolish to try to pinpoint if or when LEDs would replace other sources, even if we wanted them to.

You can buy and rent Astera lights in more than 50 countries through our network of dealers, distributors and rental companies. In addition, we have established certified service centers in most of these countries to ensure the best service and support possible no matter in which part of the world you are.

Many of our customersare considering switching from traditional stage lighting fixtures over to moreenergy efficient LED stage lighting fixtures. These customers aretypically running stage lighting that is located in school and universityauditoriums or Performing Arts Centers, church sanctuaries, or traditionaltheaters. The questions that we most frequently discuss have to do with the benefits and cost savings of moving over to LED stage lighting fixtures as well as what equipment and firms are best for this type of project. 041b061a72


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