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Relic (Original Mix)

At its base, it is made from the same all-natural ingredients as our Instrument Food so while relicing it is also helping condition and feed your wood, but it is far less potent than the 'Food, so we recommend after relicing feeding it a generous helping of Instrument Food to keep it satiated and double seal in the age.

Relic (Original Mix)


Tero Relic Sunburst is the electric guitar from the "Original" series by Eko Guitars in satin Relic finish with a Pawlonia body, Roasted Maple neck and Resin 24-fret fingerboard. It is equipped with two S-H pickups (single-coil at the bridge and humbucker at the neck), Volume, Tone and 3-way switch controls. A vintage design instrument, particularly light and comfortable, perfect for the stage.TERO RELIC SUNBURST BY EKO GUITARS OVERVIEWThe Tero Relic electric guitar features a Pawlonia body, Maple neck and Resin fingerboard. It is a guitar with modern features that at the same time recalls the relic style of a guitar from another period in history with thousands of songs behind it. The Pawlonia body offers great tone and is very light. The S-H pickup configuration offers a mix of typical Tele sounds and the concreteness of an LP. Ideal for guitarists who like a retro design, especially the "relicking" on guitars, and who are looking for a high-performance, light, aesthetically appealing instrument with a very precise tone that recalls the acid sound typical of certain genres of Rock music.

Time relics are collectibles won after completing a level in time trial or relic race mode below a certain time. They first appeared in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. There are three main tiers of relic: sapphire, gold, and platinum.

Relics were first introduced in Warped, along with the time trial mode. Collecting five relics of any color opens up the secret warp room in the Time Twister. For every multiple of five (up to twenty-five), a new level is unlocked. Earning every relic (gold or platinum) grants Crash a gem. There are thirty relics total to be collected.

Relics are obtainable in a track's relic race, accessible once its trophy has been won and the hub's boss has been defeated. Collecting ten relics of any color unlocks Slide Coliseum in the Adventure Mode. Once all eighteen relics are obtained, the player can face the final boss, Nitros Oxide, again for an alternate ending.

Relics work differently in Crash Bash, which does not have a time trial mode. There are only gold and platinum relics, obtained by defeating the arena's champions two and three times in a row respectively. Gold relic challenges are unlocked when the player reaches the fourth warp room, and platinum relic challenges are unlocked once the trophy for Mallet Mash is earned. The player must have a level's gold relic before they can attempt its platinum relic challenge.

Relics are obtainable in this game, but are not needed to unlock the game's alternate ending. There are twenty-four in total. Twenty-three platinum relics and one gold relic are the minimum amount necessary for full completion in the game.

Relics have the same role that they did in Crash Team Racing. Once all the relics are gathered, along with the CNK tokens and gems, the player can face Emperor Velo XXVII a second time for an alternate ending. There are thirteen relics in total for the console versions, and twelve in total for the GBA version.

Relics reprise their role from the original version of Crash Bandicoot: Warped. In addition, new relic times have been added for the remade versions of Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Obtaining them all can raise the game completion higher than 100 percent. However, in the first two games, the time trials are merely optional challenges for the player as they do not unlock anything extra.

Relics reprise their role from the original Crash Team Racing. Additionally, a relic race mode has been added to the Local Arcade menu, allowing for relics to be earned on the Nitro Kart and bonus tracks, though these are completely optional and do not contribute to any game progress in the Adventure Mode. There are thirty-nine relics in total: eighteen from the adventure mode tracks, thirteen from Nitro Kart and eight from the bonus tracks. An additional fortieth relic can be obtained from Retro Stadium in the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Relics return in this game, but platinum is the minimum requirement for full completion. In addition, purple relics, marking a level's developer time, have been added. There are thirty-eight relics in total.

Sapphire, gold and platinum relics reappear in On the Run!, in their usual role as prizes for completing time trials. Relics do not serve any significant purpose given that this game has no completion percentage. 041b061a72


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